Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Dada Electronics Ecological mission statement

From the beginning Dada's business plan had an important ecological aspect.

Bringing high-end audio equipment back to life and saving it from the dustbin is in itself a strong concept that gives us a "negative ecological footstep", which means we give more to the environment than we take from it.

But today we want to go a step further for nature. We decided to:

  • Print less documents. Invoices, manuals, documentation... will be sent in pdf format.
  • Only use 100% recycled unbleached paper for those documents (like address-labels) that need to be printed.
  • Only use 100% recycled packaging-material.
  • Only use ROHS-compliant electronics components
  • Only use lead-free solder
  • Only use 100% "Green" electricity
  • Make the ecological aspect an essential negotiation-point with our suppliers
  • Advise our customers about ecological solutions

We are addicts of great music and great sound equipment. If we want our grandchildren to enjoy this heritage we have to preserve it.


Picture: Leica R3, Summicron 50, Kodak Portra N 100 ASA, f5.6 .60 sec, Warnant, Belgium, 2003
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Quad 44 Erratic Input Switching

Thanks to Henk Vocks (NL) we can publish Quads paper on input-switching problems in some 44 preamplifiers.

The date of the Quad paper is 23/05/90 and the ref. is M12436-5.


A small number of 44 control units appear to be subject to pulses, triggering the electronic switching causing the unit to change from the input selected either to another input or to no input at all. The required input can then be regained by pressing the appropriate input selector button.

The cure is to:

  1. Resolder both sides of the 10 feed through pins marked D, E, +, -, B, C, H, G, F and A on the mother board. Ideally the pins should be replaced with tinned copper wire. The pins are ringed in the attached diagrams.

  2. Connect a capacitor min 4,7 µF across the +8,5V and -7,5V rails on the back of the mother board, as shown.

You can download this paper from the download-section of our website


Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Quad 405 switch-on behaviour

Take a look @ the voltages on the output of a Quad 405 board when it is switched on.

We are talking about 110V Peak-to-peak during 60 mS.

That's why we'd better use a loudspeaker delay like the Velleman K4700.

Dada Electronics will launch a loudspeaker-protection / switch-on delay adapted for the Quad 405 to 909 Current dumping amplifiers in the coming weeks.


Sunday, September 09, 2007

Quad USA Seventies price list

I recently bought a lot of Quad documentation, there was a price list of Quad USA, I think 1970 or so, those where the days..........

Joost Plugge