Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Finetuning the 303-boards

We tried out some alternative components on the Dada-JPE 303 boards.

- The trimmer-pots were replaced with Bourns 25 turn pots that will make a more precise calibration possible
- The resitors in the endstage were replaced with high-recision 0,3 Ohm 1% 5W resistances

Joost also made a board with reduced current-limiting (3 diodes for MR105/106).

The results are excellent!

Maximum power at full load (both channels with the Dada-JPE PSU board):

50W/8Ohm 28W/4Ohm (normal version)
52W/8Ohm 81W/4Ohm (high-current version)

The - 1dBV points are between 27Hz and 27KHz in both versions at full load.

Stefaan & Joost

Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Quad 303 replacement boards launch...

Dada Electronics & JPE Engineering proudly announce: the Quad 303 driver-board & the Quad 303 Power-supply board.
  • Based on the original Quad-schematics, latest version
  • All tweaks & improvements known built in
  • Only high-end components (Nichicon, Wima MKS4, audio-grade inductor, 1% metal-film resistances, top-quality transistors...)
  • Jumper-selectable input-sensistivity (0,5V - 1,5V - 5V)
  • Silver-plated connectors
  • Completely tested & calibrated with professional lab-equipment
  • High-quality epoxy PCB
  • Output-current can be increased on demand
  • 100% mechanical & electrical compatible with the 303
  • 1 year full warrantee

Building these boards in your 303 is the ultimate upgrade, fully respecting the Quad philosophy and making the Quad-sound better than ever before. And you can do it yourself in a few hours.

The boards on the pictures are prototypes and may change in the final version.

Available next week in the Dada Electronics Ebay Shop.

Stefaan & Joost

Any questions?

Saturday, September 02, 2006

Languages, Langues, Talen....

You can contact Quad Spot and or in English, Français of Nederlands.

We also understand German but we don't speak it.