Saturday, February 28, 2015

Counterfeit Warning 405 boards

Recently counterfeit Dada Electronics High-end boards have appeared on and Also on eBay.

Those boards are counterfeit based on the schematics for the boards developed by JP Engineering for Dada Electronics. The schematics and PCB designs were stolen by an individual who worked for us, he was mounting those boards.
We had to stop the cooperation because of sloppy work and because this person appeared to have no VAT-number and worked illegally without being inscribed in the register of commerce.

JP Engineering and Dada Electronics will take legal steps against this fraud.

In the meantime we recommend our customers  to make sure you do not buy those boards as Dada Electronics will not give any technical support for them and there is no legal warrantee as they are not produced by an officially existing company.

You can recognise the counterfeit boards by lacking (c) JP Engineering (JPE) or (c) Dada Engineering mark.
The same counts for the offered 606 power supply boards.

Stefaan Verdonckt & Joost Plugge.