Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Dada Electronics has chosen Nigel Grey photograpy as their home-photographer.

The Dada v2 Quad 405 High-end board. (c)


Blogger Unknown said...

Hi Stefaan,

Congrats on the new boards, they look awesome and I'm sure they sound likewise. Just a question: why have you abandoned silvered mica and introduced styroflex instead? BTW, an old TransTec technician once told me to always leave c8 intact (if blue, unsurpassed sonically) or replace with styroflex only. Is styroflex sonically superior to silvered mica?

thx, Bart

1:51 PM  
Blogger Stefaan said...

We use polystyreen caps for C8 and the rest in the same capacity range. Styroflex is a brand name as far as I now. Silvered Mica capacitors are very expensive and getting rare. Compared to polystyreen they have no better distortion/sonic specifications.So we switched.

Joost Plugge

5:11 PM  

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