Friday, October 29, 2010

New power supply for the Quad 405 1 and 2

A new double power supply for the Quad 405 1 or 2 and DIY projects.
We developed a new supply with an integrated DC protection for your speakers. It is based on the circuit in the Quad 306, 606, 707, 909 and 520f range. It uses the so called virtual earth technique.

Some advantages:

Integrated DC protection for your loudspeakers.
Only one fuse in the AC circuit, integrated in the power supply.
You can remove the clamp circuit from the 405 modules or the chassis.
Also you can remove and short circuit those non linear fuses in the DC circuits of the 405 modules. These two measures are strongly advised!
Symetrical clipping due to PSU voltage offset, like in the 606 range.
No transformer needed with a central tap, simple cable layout.

Price information will follow soon. The production unit may differ in detailing, also there will be a choice in capacitors, but the minium will be 10.000uF.

Joost Plugge

Update 18 december: The Dual Mono power supply with 4x15000µF BHC Aerovox and Loudspeaker-protection is available in the Webshop now. Click here.


Blogger Steve L said...

Hi joost
I recently purchased the dada 80euro upgrade for my 405-1 and was about to install when I read this. I was also about to buy the Vellman speaker protection kit. Do i understand correctly that this means I can avoid fitting a separate speaker protection kit. Also my 405 has a nasty hum which is vibration inside the unit not through the speakers, I suspect the transformer, if I replace this which one would work with this module? At last of all, is it for sale, couldn't find it on the dada site?

12:25 PM  
Anonymous Roger Gustavsson said...

Would like to know more about this power supply! How much is it? Is it already available?

2:38 PM  
Blogger Stefaan said...


This new Psu will not replace the Velleman or our DaDa protection modules, because it has the DC protection, but not the delay unit nor the extra fast switch off mode of our own unit. So it will give you the basic DC protection and the advantages mentioned on the blog. Also you can use a transformer with a single output winding of the correct voltage instead of a transfo with a central tap. The unit will work with this kind of transfo, but you simply don't use the central connection. A 405 transfo will give two times 38 Volts AC without any load, so a transfo without the central tap should give around 76 Volts AC.

Joost Plugge

5:55 PM  

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