Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Changing the Online - Shop

Dada Electronics has replaced the Ebay-shop by their own Webshop.

The Quad Dada Electronics Upgrade-kits and High-end boards will still be offered in the small Ebay-shop.

The fact Ebay increased the pricing for Shop-publishing without prior announcement and does not seem to negociate with their professional customers is not the only reason.

On we will offer hundreds of technical articles and papers, free downloads of schematics, user-manuals and service-manuals and the Webshop is open!

In the coming days we will add hundreds of products to the Webshop. You can already take a look and inscribe for the newsletter.


Update 18/9: We added all Dada Electronics Quad Upgrade Kits and a lot of Velleman Kits and Connectors. The Webshop is fully operational now.

We have made it very simple and straightforward for the Electronician or the Audio-lover to find his way. We added 300 products up to now. 1700 to go ;-)

Update 28/9: We started the Forum where you can ask all Quad & other High-end technical questions. New technical papers and hundreds of new products have been added.

Saturday, September 26, 2009

Thierry Martin's Vintage collection

One of the nicest collections of Vintage Hifi in mint condition I have ever seen belongs to Thierry Martin in France.

This is a must see!

Click here for Thierry's website.