Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Dada Electronics wants to buy your old Quad boards.

When you buy one of the new Dada 405 High-end boards with OPA604 or with OPA627-chips we will buy your old 405 PCB-board, even if it's broken.

We offer 30 Euro for a 405-MKI board and 40 Euro for a 405-MKII board.

When you buy a Quad 303 High-end Driver-board or Power-supply board or the 303 High-end board & capacitor kit we'll offer 20 Euro for the old driver-board and 10 Euro for the old power-supply board.
This way you can easily upgrade your Quad yourself by simply swapping the boards.


Blogger Unknown said...

April 2010,

Do you still operate this scheme and, if so, does it apply to pre-11500 303's?

Harry Morris

12:46 AM  

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