Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Dada Electronics wants to buy your old Quad boards.

When you buy one of the new Dada 405 High-end boards with OPA604 or with OPA627-chips we will buy your old 405 PCB-board, even if it's broken.

We offer 30 Euro for a 405-MKI board and 40 Euro for a 405-MKII board.

When you buy a Quad 303 High-end Driver-board or Power-supply board or the 303 High-end board & capacitor kit we'll offer 20 Euro for the old driver-board and 10 Euro for the old power-supply board.
This way you can easily upgrade your Quad yourself by simply swapping the boards.

Friday, August 22, 2008

Elias from Cyprus upgraded his 303 with the Dada kit.

Elias writes:

"Some time ago I realised that I had to, at least replace, all the electrolytic capacitors in my Quad 303 power amplifier. With that in mind I started searching the internet for possible suppliers, when I came across DADA electronics of Belgium. After studying in deptth their site I decided to purchase their Quad 303 DIY Upgrade kit Deluxe. In addition I opted for a second Nichicon 4700μF capacitor for the power supply,so that I could increase the power reserve of the amplifier and also for new power transistors for both the amplifier and the power supply output stages.

The parts were received in no time after placing my order and straight away I got down to work. I came across some difficulties but these were very quickly resolved by emailing DADA electronics. I must here thank these very courteous people for their so quick service.

After completing the work I calibrated the voltage and quiescent currents and connected the QUAD 303 to my hi-fi system. And what a surprise! It now sounds a much better amplifier than before. I can imagine how much better it would have been had I replaced the amplifier and power supply boards with their high end ones. One day I will do it. But before that I will upgrade my Quad 405, hopefully with DADA's 405 high end boards, BHC Aerovox dual mono power supply unit and loudspeaker protection units."


Friday, August 15, 2008

Quad 44 upgrade kit(s)

Dada announces the Quad 44 upgrade-kits.

There are 2 versions:

If you have a special configuration of input-modules or if you want OPA627 output-chips send an e-mail to

Dada now offers a full range of upgrade-kits, High-end boards and revision services for all transistor Quad amplifiers from the 33 to the 606.

If you have a Quad 44 and you want to have an idea about the upgrade / revision, send an e-mail and we'll reply with the Quad 44 Upgrade-manual.

You can download the upgrade/revision manual from our website for free, see The kit is available in the Webshop on our site.