Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Dada announces the 405 High-End boards.

After a period of testing, improving, listening and testing again we can proudly announce the 405 High-End boards today.

They were designed by Dada Electronics and JP Engineering and we are convinced we will set new standards in High-End audio.

We applied the same philosophy as last year when we launched the 303 High-End boards. Except for some practical or obvious improvements we started with the latest original Quad 405-MK-2 schematic (M12333.10), but with today's very best Audio-grade components only.

We used:

  • Burr Brown OPA627 opamps, the highest standard in precision operational amplifiers (an alternative board with OPA604 is available).
  • Silvered Mica capacitors for HF-handling
  • Wima MKS4 for decoupling
  • Nichicon Low ESR electrolyts
  • 1% Metalfilm low-noise resistors
  • Epcos inductors
  • MJ15003 Power-transistors and BD242C drivers

In this version we left out the current-limiters, you won't need them if you use the Dada LS Protection/Delay and they would have a negative impact on the dynamics of the sound.

You can now easliy upgrade every Quad 405 yourself by replacing the 2 amplifier boards, the power-supply and the LS protection circuit. As the concept is modular you can use one of the 3 options separately as well.

The new High-End boards are available in our Ebay-shop in a Burr Brown OPA604 and a Burr Brown OPA627 version.

Stefaan & Joost

Willem Tetteroo from NL was our first customer. Here is what he tells about the board (original NL text + my translation):

"Beste Stefaan en Joost,

Ik ben laaiend enthousiast! Super!

Na een heel weekend intensief geluisterd te hebben kan ik niets anders zeggen!

Sprankelend geluid tot in detail. Mooi strak en diep!

In vergelijking met het origineel vind ik dit een enorme verbetering, en ik was al gek van het origineel. Heb veelvuldig vergeleken en vind de Dada echt de fraaiste!"

"Dear Stefaan & Joost,

I am extremely enthousiastic! Super!

After a whole weekend of intensive listening I can't say anything else!

Sprankling sound upto every detail. Nicely neat and deep!

In comparison to the original I find this an enourmous improvement and I was already crazy about the original (450-2). I compared many times and I find Dada really the nicest one."

Monday, July 14, 2008

All Quad replacement Capacitors available now!

All Replacement capacitors for the Quad amplifiers between the Quad 33 and the 909 are available in the Dada Electronics Webshop now.

From the 3p3 you need in the Quad 303 driver to the BHC Aerovox 15.000 µF 63 Volt for the Quad 606 MK-II.

But that's not all.

We have tested several alternatives with our lab equipment and most of all by listening to them. You will only find the best choice from our selection in the Ebay-shop.
We are convinced "cheap" doesn't do the job in high-end equipment like Quad. So you will only find the best alternatives like Wima, Nichicon, BHC Aerovox, Silvered Mica caps, Vishay and other top-quality alternatives.

We give 7/7 e-mail support and a 1 year full warrantee (excluding shipment costs).
Our central stock is in Antwerp (Europe) but in most cases we can ship from Dada Electronics Australia or USA, with reduced shipment costs.

We can deliver worldwide and we ship the same day if the order is placed before noon on working days.


Mike Cofferon from Dublin used the 34 & 405 kits

Mike did a revision of his 34 and his 405 with the Dada Upgrade kits.

Here is what he says about it:

"I have completed both upgrades now and spent the weekend listening to the results. I sounds fantastic!

Can't recommend this upgrade strongly enough. Obviously I'm comparing the old tired, dried out sound of the Quads before the upgrade, but even so…

Stereo Image, Timing and Timbre are all spot on, but the increase in information still doesn't overload the listener, it's still a supremely MUSICAL amp combo. One unexpected bonus is the hightened effect of the "Tilt" control. I never got the change in soundstage that Quad described in their user manual before, but now it's clearly evident. I've been able to tune the frequency curve of the amp to compensate for my less than ideal listening room. All this for less than the price of a few metres of speaker cable you guys should really be charging more for this upgrade :)"