Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Finetuning the 303-boards

We tried out some alternative components on the Dada-JPE 303 boards.

- The trimmer-pots were replaced with Bourns 25 turn pots that will make a more precise calibration possible
- The resitors in the endstage were replaced with high-recision 0,3 Ohm 1% 5W resistances

Joost also made a board with reduced current-limiting (3 diodes for MR105/106).

The results are excellent!

Maximum power at full load (both channels with the Dada-JPE PSU board):

50W/8Ohm 28W/4Ohm (normal version)
52W/8Ohm 81W/4Ohm (high-current version)

The - 1dBV points are between 27Hz and 27KHz in both versions at full load.

Stefaan & Joost

Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Quad 303 replacement boards launch...

Dada Electronics & JPE Engineering proudly announce: the Quad 303 driver-board & the Quad 303 Power-supply board.
  • Based on the original Quad-schematics, latest version
  • All tweaks & improvements known built in
  • Only high-end components (Nichicon, Wima MKS4, audio-grade inductor, 1% metal-film resistances, top-quality transistors...)
  • Jumper-selectable input-sensistivity (0,5V - 1,5V - 5V)
  • Silver-plated connectors
  • Completely tested & calibrated with professional lab-equipment
  • High-quality epoxy PCB
  • Output-current can be increased on demand
  • 100% mechanical & electrical compatible with the 303
  • 1 year full warrantee

Building these boards in your 303 is the ultimate upgrade, fully respecting the Quad philosophy and making the Quad-sound better than ever before. And you can do it yourself in a few hours.

The boards on the pictures are prototypes and may change in the final version.

Available next week in the Dada Electronics Ebay Shop.

Stefaan & Joost

Any questions?

Saturday, September 02, 2006

Languages, Langues, Talen....

You can contact Quad Spot and or in English, Fran├žais of Nederlands.

We also understand German but we don't speak it.