Thursday, February 23, 2006

Quad Antropology: Who are those Quad fanatics?

After revising more than 50 Quad 405's and some other Quads amps I started to wonder: who are those Quad fanatics?

What's their sex?

All are male. Never, even once, I heard about a female vintage Hifi-lover.

What's their age?

Around 40. This may be logical as one has to have lived the 7-ties to know the real value of a 405 or a 33. There also are some younger guys who herited a Quad from their father.

What's their occupation?

It may seem strange but several Qaud-lovers are medical doctors. We also have train-drivers, informaticians, builders and university-professors.

In general those who listen to a 405 have a technical or a scientific occupation.

Where do they live?

They live in the UK, the Netherlands, Belgium, France and the USA.

Tony from Thailand added:

"I'd like to add an owner type to your list! I have found that a lot of
artistic people own Quad and I myself am employed in the field of
design. I had a friend who was a potter - his Quad was in his studio -
splattered with clay but used everyday as the background to his work. I

have noticed that a lot of left handed people seem to own Quad as well -
not sure what this means as I am also left handed!"



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