Thursday, May 05, 2011

BHC Aerovox ALC10C instead of ALP22A in Quad 606-Mk2, 707 and 909

BHC recommends using the ALC10C capacitors instead of the older ALP22A in new developments. It is less expensive, smaller and it has better specifications. The ALP22A is still produced for replacements in older circuits (but is out of stock for the moment, new stock is announced for July 2011).

In the Quad 606-Mk2, 707 and 909 the ALC10C 15000µF 63V can be used but the pins won't fit the printed circuit board. This can be solved by cutting the two unconnected pins and drilling an extra hole 1,5mm) in the PC-board (see the picture).

Make sure to double-check the polarity, when the polarity is wrong the capacitors will be damaged. The - pin is beside the gold line on the side and it has a "-" sign on it. The + pin is the middle one of the 3 pins on the other side. The two pins beside it have to be cut.

Dada is developing an new Printed-circuit board with a 500 Watt Amplimo transformer and 4x BHC ALC10C 15000µF for replacing the transformer and the capacitors in a 606 Mk1, making it an Mk2.

The 15000µF 63V ALC10C can be bought in the Webshop here.

The (general) BHC Aerovox datasheet can be downloaded from our Website.



Anonymous Florent L. said...

Toujours à la pointe de l'innovation l'équipe DADA !!!

L'annonce d'un nouveau circuit d'alimentation pour le Quad 606 MK1 m'intéresse fortement.
Merci de nous tenir au courant à ce sujet.

9:26 PM  

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