Monday, March 14, 2011

405-clone needs service after 30 years...

Holger (from Germany but now living in Australia) has been using his 405-clone for 30 years but then there was this 18th Birthday-party of his daughter...

Back in the old student days 30 years ago some friends were obsessed with the idea of building audio equipment and one project amongst many others was to build a replica of the Quad 405.

The benchmark was to get better measuring results than the ones published by Quad and following some hard work and applying what was taught at Uni, the result was impressive.

Thanks to choosing better components, using custom built inductors, redesign of the power supply etc. we achieved what was then shared around a circle of mind-liked people.

The unit never failed in 30 years time, but has recently given up following a wild 18's party of my daughter.

Thanks to the team of DaDa Electronics it will hopefully spring back to life and will last another 30 years...



Blogger justin wood said...

I had a similar 405 survived my daughter's 18th birthday but not her 21st! I thought that the 405 (recently upgraded with Dada main kit plus dual-mono PSUs)had 'blown' but it turned out to be just my old Mission 770s finally givinh up after several hours of high power use...a pity but I now have a delightful pair of Monitor Audio speakers. Thanks also (as usual) to Stefaan for checking our the 405 main boards in record time and setting my mind at ease...yes the 405 heatsink will get that hot if you run the amp at high power for hours...but it won't do any damage! Best regards, Justin

12:36 AM  

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