Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Quad 33 with s/n 1067

Andreas from Vienna has one of the very first 33's on his working-table for a revision with the Dada Electronics 33-kit.

The first 33's that were actually sold had serial numbers from 1000 on. So this really is an early one.

As you can see on the pictures of the Disc-amplifier board Quad made some last-moment modifications when the PCB version 1 was already in production.

Andreas writes:

"Attached two pictures for your records. Yes, the components on the solder side of the board are indeed a correction of the PCB layout. The tracks beneath the 1k resistors are cut and the caps are 2200p. Comparing the attached component side picture with the ones from your manual one can clearly see that the components C309, C310, R317 and R318 (mistakenly named R308 on the Fig. 5 picture from QUAD) are missing on the component side.

So if you ever stumble over an disc board that old you know....... ;-)"



Blogger Unknown said...

Hi I am Neal, and a Quad fanatic, does anyone know if I could use two independent 303 as monoblocks as one one for each channel, if yes what do I have do and wount if deteriorate the amps??? thanks, all the best Neal

4:08 AM  

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