Monday, December 28, 2009

Dual Mono PSU & Velleman K4700 in a Quad 405

Joost built a Velleman K4700 Loudspeaker-protection kit in a Quad 405 with a Dada Electronics Dual Mono Power-supply.

As there is no space above the PSU he fixed it to the Back-panel behind the transformer. This may be the best solution with a classical PSU as well...

The "-" of the Speakers goes to the Power-supply and from there to the central Mass-point. Another wire from the central Mass-point goes to the Velleman.

This is not only a practical solution, it works very well!
Click on the picture to enlarge.

The Velleman K4700 kit and the Assembled version are available in the Webshop.



Blogger Audiolalies said...

Very neat and tight installation, congratulations !

The Velleman K4700 is an excellent protection against most mishaps.

Keep on the good work.


8:47 PM  
Blogger Stefaan said...


If you look at the picture you will see some components on the copper side of the Pcb. Has nothing to do with the Velleman, but with the power supply.There was no room anymore for R30 and R31. Reducing the heat on the component side is a benefit. Also for the same reason C5 is on the copper side, I only had a 100V version in stock. In our kits the right version is delivered. I also rewired the transfo for 230V operation without the switch and the tiny wires.


Joost Plugge

4:08 PM  

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