Wednesday, September 24, 2008

OPA134 pin 8 in Quad revisions / upgrades

When using a Burr Brown OPA134 opamp for revising / upgrading Quad amplifiers like the 34 and the 306 make sure Pin 8 is connected to nothing.

Pin 8 is the offset-input. If it is connected to pin 6 (like in some versions of the 306) this wil cause problems with the DC-feedback and result in a DC Voltage on the output.

You have to cut off pin 8 or cut the track on the PCB-board.

In general, when using the OPA134, OPA604 or OPA627 in a Quad revision project pins 1, 5 and 8 are not used and should be disconnected.



Anonymous Anonymous said...

I find it easier to fit the opamp in a socket and cut the pin off the socket, when fitted there is nothing to see


6:33 PM  

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