Thursday, September 25, 2008

405 in the air

Justin Wood (UK) used the Dada 44 and 405 kits to upgrade his Quads. He wrote:

Thought you might like the photo below...

Perhaps the first time a Dada Electronics Quad 405-2 was given its own upgrade to 'Club Class'!?

As you know I did the upgrade work while flying S61 helicopters up in the Shetland Islands. At the end of the contract I flew the helicopter with the 405-2, back to our home base in Penzance, Cornwall, UK.

The 405 loved the trip!


Today Justin added:

Just back to Cornwall from Stornoway in west Scotland.

Plugged in the 44 ....and I'm very very pleased to say it works like a dream; perfect in every way. There is certainly a most worthwhile improvement in the sound -- much greater detail, transparency and channel separation. I am looking forward to plenty of great music as the winter nights draw in.

I am absolutely delighted with the 'Dada improved' 44/405-II combination as it sounds fantastic. I hope lots of other Quad 44 owners will take the trouble to do the Dada up-grade and re-discover how good this pre-amp can sound. We all know how superb your 405 mods sound!

The photo shows the freshly upgraded 44 ready to ride home to Cornwall on the instrument dash-board! ...actually it had to go under the seat for safety....

How about a challenge for the weirdest places to find a Quad?

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