Thursday, December 25, 2008

High-end Audio-grade Opamps available again...

Dada Electronics has the hard-to-find High-end Audio-grade Opamps in stock again.

Click on the links for pricing - quantity - datasheet from our Webshop. We ship within 24 hours.

These opamps are the ideal choice for Quad (pre-) amplifiers from the 34 on. Because of the power-supply rails you would rather use the OPA134 in a Quad 134 and the OPA604 in a 44.


  • Burr Brown OPA134 (for Quad 34, 44 ao.)

  • Burr Brown OPA2134 (dual opamp for Quad 34, 44 ao.)

  • Burr Brown OPA604 (for Quad 44, 405 ao.)

  • Burr Brown OPA2604 (dual opamp for Quad 44 ao.)

Dada Electronics is specialised in Vintage & High-end audio.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

You recommended AD797 opamp for Quad 405 upgrade. I tried it with AD797; the Quad 405 oscillates. AD 797 is too fast, even though it is a very low noise opamp. It doesn't work with Quad 405.

May be you have better luck than mine.

8:34 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Yes, you are correct, it will also be a noisy choice, because of high noise current, it need a very low source resistance. A good choice is to drop the 301 or 071 and put an OPA134, or if you can find, the OP176. This is obsolete now, but is 1/2 an OPA 275 and is very natural sounding in that spot.If you chose OPA604, prepare for a digital sound, nice but not free and dynamic.

4:30 AM  

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