Thursday, May 03, 2007

Quad 606 MK-1 DIY Upgrade-kit available now

Dada Electronics announces the Quad 606-1 upgrade kit.

There is 1 basic version & 2 options:

  • Basic upgrade-kit (includes Nichicon, Wima & Silvered-mica capacitors for the driver-boards, internal cabling, gold-plated RCA & LS-connectors, silver-plated PCB-connectors). 65 Euro

  • Recommended option: 4x BHC Aerovox 10000µF 63V capacitors for the power-supply. 85 Euro

  • Option: 12x 2N3773 high slew-rate power-transistors. 45 Euro.

The upgrade-manual and 7/7 e-mail support are included.

The kit and the options are available in the Dada Ebay-shop.


Anonymous Anonymous said...


Het gaat om de 606 MK-1 Upgrade kit, maar hoe zit het met de 606 MK II?



1:54 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Leuke site!. Er zijn nog weinig goede sites over dit onderwerp te vinden.
Ben blij met jullie toevoeging!
Ik kan helaas geen bookmark aanmaken naar in Firefox. :( Weten jullie hoe dit komt?

Groetjes Barbara

9:20 AM  

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