Sunday, November 19, 2006

Dual 405 Power supply & DACT Attenuator

The Dada / JPE Dual Mono power-supply for the Quad 405-1 and 405-2 are available from the Dada Electronics Ebay-webshop now.

See the article below for more technical information about the Dual-mono PSU-board.

The High-end 405 driver-boards will be launched in the coming weeks.

Dada Electronics can now also offer all DACT Audio-grade products and give you advice for using them in existing amplifiers or your own projects.

Count on a delivery-time of +/- 2 weeks for DACT-products that are not in the Ebay-shop yet.

Danish Audio ConnecT-products are the absolute High-end components without compromise. Dada Electronics used them in several Quad & other preamplifiers before with excellent results.

The DACT-picture is (c)



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