Saturday, October 28, 2006

Quad 33 - 303 - 405 DIY upgrade manuals

Beta-versions of the 3 step-by-step DIY upgrade-manuals are available now, for free. They are in MS-Word format.

Send an e-mail to and we'll reply with the manual you need attached.

You can use your own components or you can order the upgrade-kit from the Dada Webshop.



Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hi, twice I requested the free 303 upgrade manual. I didn't receive anything. The link to a second partie was received, so my request must have reached somebody.
Something positive, good site!!!

7:58 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Just completed your 33 mod and my quad pre-amp is now far too good for the amp, so I guess that will be next. I am very impressed for a small outlay. Superb components and excellent service. Now I wonder what you think of the Richard Brice mod on the amp boards transforming the two transistor stage into emitter-follower. I hate tone controls anyway, but is it safe and worthwhile. I would love to know your oppinion. The mod can be found on Thank you. Barry

4:43 PM  

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