Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Free Quad schematics, service notes, manuals

Dada Electronics & Quad Spot have a great collection of Quad documents. They are all public domain so you can get them for free. Just send an e-mail to info@dadaelectronics.eu and we'll reply with the document you need attached.

Every week we add new documents in the library. If you have a document that is not in the list, please help us by mailing it and we'll put it in the list below.

What we have:
  • Diagrams for 33, 34, 44, 240, 303, 306, 405, 50E, 50D, 510, 520, 520F, 606, CD66, 707, 909, FM1, Multiplex Decoder, FM2, FM3, FM4, ESL57, ESL63, Quad II 40
  • User Manuals for 33,34, 44, 306, 405, 50E, 240, 510, 520, 520F, 66, 707, 99 series, 909, FM1, MD, FM2, FM3, FM4, ESL57, ESL63
  • Service Instructions for 33, 34, 44, 303, 306, 405, 606, CD66, FM3, FM4, ESL57, ESL63, Quad II 40
  • Most of the other manuals for vintage Quad tube equipment, ask!
Cheers, Stefaan


Blogger Stefaan said...

I wonder they would have any Quad documentation Quad Spot doesn't.

Even Huntingdon asked for some old schematics.


2:48 AM  
Blogger Tweakjunkie said...

Looking for a schematic for a 99-CDP-2. Tray won't open, no voltage on tray motor. I've been a tech for 30 years now, so I'm not a hack.


Keith from Canada

3:15 AM  

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