Sunday, July 23, 2006

Quad 33 - 303 - 405 Upgrade Kits & Schematics has upgrade-kits for the 33, the 303 and the 405 available on the Ebay webshop.
  • Online illustrated upgrade-instructions on this blog & a printed copy
  • 7/7 support via e-mail
  • Audio-grade high quality components like the BHC Aerovox for the 405 power-supply and 1% low-noise resistances
  • Everything is included, even internal cabling, thermal-compound, new fuses and IC sockets adl...
  • The kit is adapted to the serial-number of your amp
  • Free schematics and/or service instructions by mail
  • Also single Quad-components available
  • If there is a serious problem with the amp you could come by or send it to our workshop in Antwerp and we'll fix it. You can also send just the faulty circuit-board to reduce shipment-costs
  • Orders are shipped within 24 hours on business-days
  • Payment via Paypal or bank-transfer
If you are in the US you should check first.

If you are in Europe: send me an e-mail:

- for the 405: Deluxe upgrade kit: 85 Euro
- for the 303: Deluxe upgrade kit: 74 Euro
- for the 33 : Deluxe upgrade kit: 22 Euro

For International shipment-costs or Euro/USD translation visit Dada Electronic's Ebay webshop.



Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hi, Stefaan

You have done a good work in the upgrade of my 33 and 303. The result is superb.

Thank you very much.


9:11 PM  

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