Thursday, May 18, 2006

Building the Velleman K4700 in the 405

And the winner is... Hans Ausems. He will receive a box of "Antwerpse Handjes" by mail the coming days and wins a lifetime Honorary Membership of Quad Spot ;-)

Hans also built 2x 10000MF capacitors in each power-rail (4 in total) and attached the Velleman-kit to it.

Hans will write an article about his 405 revision for Quad Spot in the coming days.



Anonymous Anonymous said...

The K4701 is a protection unit, requiring no supplementary supply, is simply mounted between the amplifier and the speaker in the speaker cabinet and disconnects the speaker as soon as a direct current appears. It is much smaller than the K4700, but for stereo, you need 2 units. It is an interesting option for the K4700(

9:34 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Now this amp is in great shape, I would like to trade it for a good drum kit! Do you want to own this amp? Have an unused drum kit? Contact me please:

11:07 AM  

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