Thursday, September 25, 2008

Trying out the 1-day Quad revision...

The eternal problem with a Quad-revision is the transport. A 405 has a weight of around 10 kg, a 606 even more... So it is expensive to send it by mail. By the way, I had bad experiences sending amplifiers by mail ;-(

Pierre (from Calais, France - 250 kilometers from Antwerp) wanted to have his 405 upgraded and Burr Brown chips installed but he did not feel like driving 4 x 250 km.

So we invented the "Visit Antwerp & Upgrade your Quad" roundtrip.

If the Quad is delivered before 11 am it can be picked up around 6 pm IF all eventual problems are described via e-mail and a rendez-vous is made in advance (we have to make sure we have all the components ready).

Antwerp is an excellent city-trip - see



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