Sunday, January 08, 2006

Quad 33 Power-supply Voltage

In a previous comment today Hatif said:

"I'm interested in Quad 33-303 but I would need its mains supply changed to 100-120V in my country. Do I have to do some soldering or is there any selector on the unit? I see one on 303 poweramp but am not sure for 33."

On most Quads there is a voltage-selector switch on the back, but not on the 33.

For changing the mains voltage on a 33 one has to resolder the red wire on the left of the transformer to the middle connection (see the picture - or click it for a larger image).


PS. The 33 on the picture is not the "standard" 33. I only used the picture to show the transformer-connections.

In the 33 on the picture the volume-potentiometer is a DACT-attenuator, the output-circuits have been rebuilt and the power-supply changed to 16 Volt.


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