Sunday, November 27, 2005

Living together with a Revox A77

Joe wrote: "hello, I am looking for a schematic for a revox A77. I plugged mine in today for the first time in 25 years, and a resistor fried in the switch relay circuit board. If you could be of any help, I would appreciate it. thanks, Joe"

The A77 is probably the best tape-recorder ever made. Using good tape like the Maxell it outperforms all recent DAD-recorders.

BUT after 30 years most electrolytic capacitors have dried out and many resistors changed their value. Record & reply heads will have to recalibrated.

There is no easy way to revise an A77, it will take months of work. And a lot of surfing the Internet to find certain original components...

But when it works as it should, there is no better recorder.



Blogger Stefaan said...

I scanned all A77 MK 4 schematics from the service-manual now.

If you want a diagram, just send an e-mail.


5:22 PM  

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